Meet Angel!!
Angel - 9/28/99
Today (September 18th, 1999) we adopted Angel. Here's her story........
Yesterday, at work, a co-worker told me about a ferret that was listed in
the local daily newspaper by a vet clinic. Dogs and cats are common
listings in this town. But, ferrets?

Thinking the owner had seen the ad and picked it up already, I thought I
would call the vet anyway (with Deann strongly pushing me on). What I
was told was just the opposite and very disturbing! She had been found,
by a resident, in her the jaws of a dog. When the lady
screamed at the dog, it released her, and she immediately ran to the

I also learned that this particular clinic only holds animals for 7 days, and
she had already been there for two weeks. Her right rear leg had been
broken, and the teeth marks and scars are still there on her left leg.

This animal is the most affectionate creature I have ever seen. What
disturbs me is..this is a relatively small community. Someone knows they
are missing a ferret, and she has been available at one of the two clinics
in this town for two weeks.

In any case..she now has a safe and loving home with 4 fuzzie buddies
and a cat to torture. They have all taken to each other very well already!
We are all very happy to have her as a part of our family!!