(This is an anonymous letter sent to Ferrets Unlimited which can be found
on the previous page. Please read the entire letter before you return back.)
dear santa,

are you real?
some of the old timers here at the shelter say you are.
They say you brought them stuff last year,
everyone got his own hammock and sleep sack.
The new kids here say you are a fake.
I believe the old timers.
My name is Angel.
I was sent to the shelter cause I bit my human.
I didn't mean too,
I didn't have food for a looong time,
and my belly hurt.
When my human gave me food,
I was excited and bite him by accident.
He hit me, hard,
and i tried to tell him I am sorry.
He didn't listen..

He called the shelter, and this lady showed up.
I was so scared.
I bited her too, and I meant it.
Hard, with all my might, and you know what?
She didn't hit me, she said och och och.
Then she put me in a carrier, and it was clean!!
With yummy food, water and a sleep sack,
even a litter box!

After she had my old dad sign some kinda paper
saying he didn't want me,
she got mad at him and told him
that I shouldn't have been in an aquarium,
and he should have cleaned the poop up.
She said it was filthy,
and I was filthy cause I had poop on my fur all over.
And I shouldn't have been in cedar chips.
Oh, was she mad at him.
I don't know why, I didn't know any better.

She brought me home and picked me up and I bit her again,
and she just talked to me.
Then she gave me a bath, and I bit her again.
And she petted me.
She cried when she petted me.
She said I was skin and bones and needed to be taken to the vet to
be sure I was ok.
Well, he put something in my butt!!
And I bit the lady again!
Magine having something put in your butt!!
They took pictures of my belly, and I had to have surgery,
something was in there,
and he said I had a broken tail at one time.
I guess I ate something I shouldn't have.
But I am all better now.

She give me duck soup, it is so yummy, she gives it to everyone.
And there is food, lots of food, I never go hungry.
And I have toys.
I am still afraid, and sometimes I bite,
but she doesn't hit me.
I get time out.
I don't like that.

If you are real, I would like to ask for two things.
Could you let all the humans that love us know
that there are allot of us in places called shelters,
and we need homes?
Specially the old timers,
they say I will be adopted cause I am young,
but no one wants them cause they are old.
I won't complain if I have to wait for all the old timers to get
They need their own mom and dads.

And one more thing,
could you please help shelter mom?
She was crying.
One of the old-timers died.
What is died?
She took his sleep sack and put him in it with his favorite toy.
And he went away.
She cried allot.
I tried to make her feel better by not biting her.
I even tried a kiss.
It didn't work.
She said his heart was broken,
and all the medicine and vets couldn't fix it.
At least I think that is what myopothy means,
it was broken.
We gots another old-timer that is bald,
has the broken heart thingy, and is blind.
She loves him, and she cuddles him,
and she cries when he doesn't feel good.
Could you fix his heart so it won't be broke?

That is all I want for Christmas Santa,
homes for the old timers in all the shelter places,
and to fix a broken heart.
And for shelter mom lady to be happy seeing all the old timers in
good homes.
I don't mind waiting for a new mom or dad,
and I promise to be good.

A box of raisins would be nice too.